Eco-collaboration China and Zuid-Holland

The Chinese billion-dollar enterprise Elion Resources Group is branching out to The Netherlands with the Elion European Innovation Center for cooperation in ecology and sustainability.

In the presence of Elion Group's chairman Wang Wenbiao, ambassador Wu Ken and the King's Commissioner Jaap Smit, the agreements were sealed at the Zuid-Holland Provincial Government Building. InnovationQuarter from Zuid-Holland is involved in the innovation centre.

Elion is an enterprise with a turnover of well over €4 billion, employs 7,300 staff and focuses on the recovery of ecosystems and environmental protection. One of the best-known projects is the greening of the Kubuqi desert. With the innovation centre in Zuid-Holland, the enterprise wants to develop a closer cooperation with Dutch companies and knowledge institutions on new water technologies and sustainable economic growth.

Elion is already talking to Deltares, the University of Wageningen and NL Urban Solutions. “The parties involved will move very swiftly from drawing board to implementation. In June, I enquired after these cooperation plans in Beijing and the innovation centre is already taking shape now. The challenges in the field of ecology and sustainability require a joint global approach,”, states Jaap Smit.

Dutch-Chinese environmental innovation

Besides the establishment of the innovation centre, Elion will also start collaboration projects with Verhoeve Milieu & Water from Dordrecht on soil remediation techniques and with the ecological engineering and design bureau Nautilus Eco-Solutions from Heiloo in Noord-Holland in the field of environmental rehabilitation projects in China.