€1.3 billion in European subsidies for Zuid-Holland

During the current European budget period (2014-2020), an amount of €1.3 billion in European subsidies has already been awarded to organisations in Zuid-Holland. Over 1,800 Zuid-Holland organisations use these funds to realise almost 3,500 projects by cooperating with European partners. Besides subsidies, the European Investment Bank has invested €2.4 billion in Zuid-Holland.

The Province of Zuid-Holland periodically analyses the European funds’ contribution to its region. The EU-Funds Monitor 2019 (reference date 1 April) provides the most up-to-date overview. It shows that the institutions in Zuid-Holland increasingly profit from European subsidies. They cooperate closely with European partners to achieve this and contribute to the realisation of ambitions at European level.

Job market and innovation

Projects that contribute to the stimulation of the regional economy, the job market and innovation can count on subsidy (60% of the funds). The region scores high, in particular in life sciences, health and high-tech systems and materials. The European contributions to themes such as mobility, environment, landscape, nature and energy are an important source to realise regional ambitions as well.

Prominent regions and partners

Organisations in Zuid-Holland are shown to mainly cooperate with organisations in ‘neighbouring’ foreign countries. There is a concentration of partners in Flanders and the Ruhr area. Slightly further away, collaborations with partners in the regions around London, Paris and Munich are common as well. Within Zuid-Holland, most European funds land in the main cities, but the knowledge institutions in particular prove to be an important link in obtaining European subsidies.