Cycling survey in 2016 Telweek

Will you be taking part in Telweek, the national cycling census week? This countrywide survey runs from 19 to 25 September 2016. Participants will be asked to report their daily cycling behaviour over the week, using an innovative survey app.

The resultant data can be used to improve cycling networks and bike lanes in the Netherlands. Cyclists in Zuid-Holland can participate by downloading the Fietstel app.

Zuid-Holland is an outstanding province for cycling. Like the rest of the country many Zuid-Holland residents bike to school, work, or sports activities. That is a bonus, given that cycling is healthy, fast and sustainable, and can help reduce the number of cars on the road. The Nationale Fiets Telweek cycling census will give an insight into cycling behaviour.

Floor Vermeulen, Regional Minister for traffic and transport, is a supporter of the Telweek project: “Zuid-Holland aims to be the country's most accessible province for bicycles as well as other forms of transport. We aim to improve our cycling network, with innovative bike lanes and good connections with other traffic. Data from the Telweek survey may be a help in achieving these aims.”

How to take part

Download the free Fietstel app at, where you will also find more information on the survey. The app registers your cycling behaviour over one week (cycle routes, pinch points, duration of journey etc.) All data collected will then be presented (anonymously) to government bodies, research institutes and social organisations. Taking part is free and participants have the chance to win a Veloretti bicycle, one of 20 made available. Secondary school pupils can compete for a special award: a helicopter flight for the participant's entire class.

Cycling plan for 2016-2025

Zuid-Holland Province is currently developing its policy on cycling for the period up to 2025. Its plan gives priority to optimising cycle networks, good connections between bicycle, public transport, car and walking, as well as innovative, energy-neutral cycle lanes.

The provincial cycling plan (Fietsplan) was drawn up in consultation with other lower government bodies, lobby groups, knowledge institutes, businesses and private individuals. Further details are set out in an implementation road map (Uitvoeringsagenda) entitled “Samen verder Fietsen”, which lists concrete measures the province can adopt in collaboration with partner organisations.