Cooperation of the Zuid-Holland Province and the Italian Lombardy region reinforced

On 13 and 14 October 2016, Dutch Regional Minister Rik Janssen and Claudia Maria Terzi, director of the North-Italian Lombardy region, initiated the workshop 'nutrients in the circular economy' in Milan. This meeting is a concrete next step in the cooperation on sustainable development, that the two regions committed to. Worldwide, sustainability and the environment are now recognized as the engine for economic growth.

The workshop came about because Lombardy, just like the rest of the North-Italian regions in the catchment area of the river Po, faces challenges in air and water quality, in which nutrients play an important role. That creates opportunities for a broader, international application of the knowledge of and solutions for a more efficient use and reuse of nutrients, developed in Zuid-Holland.

During the workshop, a dialogue was started between industry, research institutions and authorities in The Netherlands and Italy.  Regional tasks regarding waste water treatment and water innovation were discussed, and experts of the Dutch Nutrients Platform (Nederlandse Nutriëntenplatform) and knowledge institutes such as Deltares and the University of Milan explained new techniques for nutrient validation.


A specific result of the two-day meeting is that the Lombardy region will take the lead to launch a pilot project for the application of struvite, a sustainable manure from waste water, in which Zuid-Holland's knowledge and experience will be used.

"I am a great supporter of the exchange of knowledge on water technology. Meetings such as those of the last few days certainly contribute to the emergence of new collaborations and offer economic opportunities for the Water & Delta Cluster of Zuid-Holland", said Rik Janssen.