Cooperation GS and Keukenhof to boost tourism

The province invests in the accessibility, nature and recreation in the Dune and Bulb Region. Good for the economy and tourism in the area and for Keukenhof, which hosted the Provincial Executive on Tuesday.

It could hardly be more symbolic: The Provincial government's visit coincided with the end of the bulb season, and one of the items on the agenda was the extension of the tourist season. Bart Baker (director of Keukenhof) welcomed 1.4 million visitors to the popular flower park this year. On average, visitors to this annual flower exhibition on the country estate of Keukenhof are younger, because of increasing numbers of families with children. Baker sees opportunities to attract visitors to the Dune and Bulb Region in other months. For example: there is plenty to do all year round at country estate Keukenhof, with the castle as its radiant centre.

The Netherlands Board of Tourism and Conventions also sees opportunities. It highlights this area ('story line flowers') and the other Dutch flower fields in, for example, the northern part of Noord-Holland and the Noordoostpolder.


People far beyond the borders of our country know about the bulb fields and Keukenhof, but the Dune and Bulb Region has more to offer. The beautiful coastline and the dunes, for instance, which have been part of the Dutch Dunes National Park for a while now. And consider the cultural heritage: the canal (Trekvaart) as an important historical connection in the area, and the special estates along the inner edge of the dunes. All this beauty is easily accessible for recreation using the many hiking and cycling trails. The province will consult with Keukenhof on any multiple use of the parking facilities at the park, resulting in allowing even more people to get acquainted with this typical Dutch landscape.

“We want our investments to optimally suit the requirements in the area. This is why it is good that we consult with Keukenhof,” says Regional Minister Jeannette Baljeu.


The province also invests in other ways in the future of the Dune and Bulb Region. For example, by funding innovative projects in agriculture and horticulture, and by cooperating with the space sector, united in the 'space cluster' around ESA-ESTEC in Noordwijk. This is how the province works with entrepreneurs and local governments on a stable and resilient economy in this area. The province will also make substantial investments in infrastructure in the coming years. As a result of increasing activity, in combination with tourism, the accessibility and the quality of the area is under pressure in certain parts.

Area Program

The province cooperates with social partners on an area programme for the Dune and Bulb Region. That joint programme connects all current and planned investments in the region, and boosts initiatives that need a little help, including, where required, financial help.