Commissioner wants more room for Space

With the help of partners, Jaap Smit, the King's Commissioner in Zuid-Holland, wants to increase the Aerospace cluster in the province and in doing so, enable the physical extension of the cluster. This is what he said during the annual Provincial Council’s Meeting on Friday 29 September, this year held at the ESA-ESTEC location in Noordwijk. “This is a pearl in Zuid-Holland. With all its innovation power, ESA-ESTEC, attracts more businesses and as a result, a Space Cluster is developing over here. The expected growth is tremendous, which is why we have to make room for Space.”

The Provincial Council’s Meeting is the provincial annual network meeting in Zuid-Holland, and was recently opened by the mayor of Noordwijk, Jan Rijpstra, and ESTEC's CEO, Franco Ongaro. André Kuipers addressed the 500 attendees in a video message.

Earlier this week, the Municipal Executive of Noordwijk, Noordwijkerhout, Teylingen, Hillegom and Lisse launched the Economy Implementation, which is a part of the Duin & Bollenstreek Economic Agenda. One of the joint ambitions of the five municipalities is the further development of the Space Business Park into an international High Tech Cluster. This ambition is in keeping with the aerospace development in Zuid-Holland.

8% growth per year

At each Provincial Council’s Meeting, one subject is the key element. This time, that was innovation, technology and, in particular, aerospace. Arnaud de Jong (CEO of Airbus DS), Jeroen Rotteveel (CEO IsisSpace), Henry Werij (Dean of Aviation and Aerospace at the TU Delft), Kees Buijsrogge (Director Space & Scientific Instrumentation at TNO) and Bart Klarus (InnovationQuarter) were on hand to inform the attendees on the subject. At present, there are about 60 space businesses in the region with more than 4,000 direct jobs. The industry expects an 8% growth per year and to double the total volume of aerospace activities in 20 years.

Noordwijk-Leiden-Den Haag-Delft axis

The Space Cluster in Zuid-Holland is established on the Noordwijk-Leiden-The Hague-Delft axis. The ESTEC research centre is the technological heart of the European Aerospace Organisation, established in Noordwijk since 1968. ESA-ESTEC is a hotspot for economic and technical development in the region, in and beyond aerospace. The Province of Zuid-Holland is proud of the Space Cluster and promotes the further development of this high-tech industry. In the case of a joint vision on the further development of the Space Campus Noordwijk, the Province cooperates with, among other parties, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, ESA-ESTEC, SpaceNed, the Municipality of Noordwijk and InnovationQuarter.