Collaboration on innovative solutions to water issues

The Province of Zuid-Holland has cooperated with various European regions in a variety of European projects since the International Water Day during the World Expo 2015, in particular in the water sector, under the leadership of regional minister Janssen. Since then, various reciprocal visits focusing on the water theme have been made by official representations of Zuid-Holland, Lombardy, the business community, and knowledge institutions.

Water management

The theme of the Porto conference was 'bridging gaps in European water innovation'. Major themes during the two-day conference were the re-use of water, water and the circular economy, state-of-the-art water purification, water in the city, and financing innovations. During the conference, the European Commission presented the 'Urban Water Atlas for Europe'. The atlas presents the state of affairs in water management in over 40 European cities and regions.

The conference allowed sufficient room for informal discussions with representatives of knowledge institutions, companies, and governments.