Climate-adaptive construction, the new standard in Zuid-Holland

New constructions in Zuid-Holland will be built as climate-adaptable as possible from 4 October. That is the ambition presented by 40 parties in Zuid-Holland today.

Construction companies, municipalities, the province, water authority, civic organisations and project developers will collaborate on buildings that are more resistant to weather extremes and subsidence. Today, they will sign the 'Agreement on Climate-adaptive Construction' ('Convenant Klimaatadaptief Bouwen'), during a provincial congress dedicated to speeding up residential construction.

New standards

The Delta Commissioner, too, recently suggested it in his opinion: the residential construction task must be met in a climate-adaptive manner. Climate change has major impact on our environment and the number of weather extremes is increasing. Zuid-Holland faces a large building task - 100,000 new homes are needed in the province before 2025.  These two developments together make it imperative that climate-adaptive construction becomes the new standard as soon as possible. The Zuid-Holland coalition takes the initiative to accelerate together, to develop new design principles and standards, to stimulate innovations, and to enable more experimental locations. To accelerate even more, the coalition wants to realise a broad renewal, from restructuring 'classic tenders' to new ways of financing such as a climate mortgage.

Programme of requirements

Criteria laid down in the new design principles for climate-adaptive building lead to less water logging and heat stress, fewer adverse effects of long-term drought and subsidence, and more biodiversity. The coalition records these criteria in a 'Programme of Requirements' for climate-adaptive construction, which is to be used from the beginning of 2019, and a 'White Paper' with technical and economic possibilities. In addition, the Zuid-Holland partners aim to deliver a method within a year and a half, that enables you to determine whether a construction project meets the standard for climate-adaptive construction.

Parties are still joining the coalition, new parties are most welcome. The principles and experiences are made available to other regions, sectors and various forms of cooperation in the field of climate-adaptive construction.