Almost €10 million for innovative businesses in Zuid-Holland

Fifty-two (52) SMEs from Zuid-Holland together received almost €10 million in subsidies from the Province of Zuid-Holland and the Ministry of Economic Affairs, to start innovative research projects into new products, applications and services for, for instance, care, smart logistics or food safety.

The subsidy is intended to help innovations actually reach the market, or to further penetrate, and is intended for collaborative projects by at least two SMEs. Together, these could expect at most €350,000 in subsidy. Most of the businesses that received said subsidy, are Rotterdam and Delft-based. All top segments are represented in the list of granted projects, but almost 50% is active in High Tech Systems & Materials and ICT. These projects aim for, among other things, robotics, Nano-technology and Big Data.

From printed prothesis to submarine drone

In Yes!, the business centre for starters, Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra symbolically handed the subsidy over to representatives of the three collaborative projects. For instance, to Gyromotics (Delft) and Leapfrog (Alphen a/d Rijn), companies working on a fully personalised lower leg prosthesis made using 3D printing. Bom-Lemstra also met the Delft companies Nowi and Qualinks, that are working on GPS-sensors without a battery, that obtain their energy from mobile phone and WiFi networks. The third project came from Van Dijk Aquatic Technologies and Indymo from Delft. They are developing submarine drones for research into the quality of the water and the state of the floodgates, to name but a few.

200 projects: €15 million

This year, in total 250 businesses in Zuid-Holland received a subsidy from the so-called SME-Innovation Stimulation Top-industries, an arrangement that the Ministry and the Province have collaborated on since 2015. Entrepreneurs may apply for a subsidy for innovation advice projects, feasibility studies or R&D-collaborative projects. In 2015 and 2016, hundreds of businesses in Zuid-Holland were given further assistance with over €15 million in subsidies (for in total 200 projects) In 2017, the total available subsidy amount was €13 million, and more innovative projects were subsidised than in previous years: 185 as opposed to 97 in the previous year. The Province opted to make additional means available for the innovative SMEs, enabling Zuid-Holland's economy to compete with other regions in Europe and the world.