ABC Westland the country's most sustainable business park

Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra and alderman Theo Duijvestijn of Westland municipality turned on 16,000 solar panels at the ABC Westland business park on 1 July. ABC Westland can now rightly claim to be the most sustainable business park in the Netherlands.

This installation makes the business park the biggest generator of solar energy in Zuid-Holland. The solar panels, generating 4 MW, can supply 40% of ABC's overall energy requirements.

Exemplary function

Ms Bom-Lemstra said it was a wonderful initiative and called on other business parks in Zuid-Holland to follow this example. "The strength of this initiative in Zuid-Holland is its exemplary function, the inspiration. If all 500 business parks in Zuid-Holland were to follow this example that would certainly make an impact. And let's not forget: we make no claim on farmland or nature reserves. These roofs are all located in business parks.”

New business premises constructed at ABC Westland Agri & Food in Poeldijk have for years been built with a high degree of insulation and LED lighting, and use residual heat from the exterior air and cooling equipment to heat their offices. Installing solar panels was in part a response to the steadily growing demand among international supermarkets to reduce the carbon footprint of vegetables and fruit. Over 50 vegetable and fruit related businesses at ABC Westland will now be cooling and lighting their business premises, offices and cold stores with sustainable energy.