Dry feet as a result of regional cooperation

Municipalities, water boards, provinces and the Dutch Government have united their efforts to structure The Netherlands in a climate-resilient and water-robust manner. To this end, they presented the Deltaplan Spatial Adaptation, which calls for action on local and regional level in particular.

Delta commissioner Wim Kuijken handed the Delta Plan to Infrastructure and the Environment Minister Melanie Schultz van Haegen on Tuesday 19 September 2017. The plan formulates various ambitions on which the parties will work during the coming period. All municipalities, for instance, will carry out a stress test, which will give insight into the vulnerability to extreme weather conditions. The next step is to formulate a strategy with implementation measures for the region.

Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra, a member of the steering committee Spatial Adaptation, stresses that it is sensible to link these measures to other issues. “I see many opportunities. For instance, many homes will have to be constructed in Zuid-Holland during the coming years. Let us do that in a climate-adaptable manner. If we link all major challenges, we will save costs. I would be happy to assist in that.”