55 Provincial Executives of the Province of Zuid-Holland inaugurated

Published on 28 March 2019

The 55 newly elected Provincial Executives of the Zuid-Holland Provincial Council were inaugurated on 28 March 2019. Forum voor Democratie (‘Forum for Democracy’, FvD) and DENK ('THINK') are new to the Provincial Council.

Collectively responsible

The King's Commissioner Jaap Smit: “It may well be too soon to say so, but these elections appear to have been historic ones in the Netherlands. Here, in Zuid-Holland, the FvD became the leading party in 1 go. Such an entry as a new party has not occurred in our province since 1946.”

Jaap Smit indicated that the new Provincial Executives shoulder an enormous burden of responsibility. “You are collectively responsible for the image of the provincial politics among the people”. Important themes that the province will face these coming years are the need for housing, the energy renewal, accessibility and the economy. “I would advocate that you debate strongly, but preferably based on facts and content, not by making personal attacks”, said the King's Commissioner.

After the administration of the oath, the groups looked back on the elections and forward to the 2019-2023 provincial executive's term.


Hans Wiegel (former VVD politician), in his capacity of informateur (a person who investigates whether a proposed government formation will succeed) will now make an initial exploratory study of the possibilities of a new coalition among the 13 political parties within the Zuid-Holland Provincial Executive.