Jaap Smit opens Kloosterboer's cold and frozen storage in Rotterdam Cool Port

On Thursday 21 September, the King's Commissioner Jaap Smit officially opened Kloosterboers’ cold and frozen storage in Rotterdam Cool Port in the Waal-Eemhaven.

Kloosterboer expects to handle at least 400,000 pallets per per year. The Commissioner is pleased that Kloosterboer has taken the first step towards the Cool Port. “This is how we can ensure that vegetables and fruit from and via our greenports will reach the customers as fresh as possible, now and in the future. Of course this is also profitable for the harbour and the greenports in Zuid-Holland”, the Commissioner said.

The Province of Zuid-Holland invested 10 million in infrastructure and restructuring in and around the Waal-Eemshaven. The Rotterdam Port Authority and the Municipality if Rotterdam contributed as well.

Fresh produce

With the start of the Cool Port, economy and employment will receive an important boost, because the Port of Rotterdam is increasingly important for the import, and, in the near future, the export of fresh product from the greenports. A multi-modal turn table is being formed for fresh produce, with excellent access to the European sales market via inland waterway transport, short sea, rail and road.

“We are very proud that Rotterdam Cool Port is taking off. As a harbour, we are very experienced in the cool and frozen industry, and Rotterdam Cool Port is a valuable extension of the activities in this field. Because this location has many multi-modal connections with the container cluster op the Maasvlakte as well as with all greenports in the area and the final destinations in Europa, the Cool Port will make an essential contribution to the sustainability and the efficiency of the logistics fresh-chain”, Ronald Paul, COO of the Rotterdam Port Authority, states.

“Because of the favourable location, the transport movements will be kept to a minimum”, says Jaco Hooij, CEO of Kloosterboer. ”The inspection of empty containers, for instance, can take place in the immediate vicinity of the Cool Port. That way, the same containers can be used again to leave for the Maasvlakte with new cargo.

The traffic through-flow is improved by, among other things, a high level of automation and the use of the cargo card. Sustainability is an important issue in the design of the new cold and frozen storage. “We intend to obtain the BREEAM –NL 4-star Excellent certificate”, Hooij states.