35 Parties sign the Energy Agreement Greenport

The Energy Agreement of the Greenport Westland-Oostland was ratified by the signatures of 35 parties at the District Water Board Delfland on 5 October 2017. With this Energy Agreement, the Greenport defines its ambition to achieve its targets for harmful emissions (CO2-Nitrogen), sustainabilization and energy consumption in 2030.

Greenport Westland-Oostland is the regional cooperation of government, business communities, and educational and knowledge institutions. Together, they work on a vital and sustainable future for the regional horticultural sector. One of the joint projects within the Greenport is the transition to sustainable energy. The Greenport wants to be the country's first climate-neutral horticultural region.

Various parties contribute financially to this agreement. The Province of Zuid-Holland bears half the cost, and the municipal authorities, the horticultural business community (among which AgroEnergy en Westland Infra) and the other business communities in the Greenport and the energy transition, the other half.

Future projects

The agreement includes concrete projects in sustainable energy. This agreement will offer better support to projects such as future geothermal drilling in Westland and the connections of the greenhouse complexes and the Oostland to the heat grid, and will allow new initiatives to develop better and faster.

Han Weber, at the start of the signing: “Agriculture is a most innovative industry. The Energy Agreement proves this as well. You are the forerunner in the Energy transition. I am pleased to put my signature to this agreement today.