SMITZH: New counter for Smart Industry

From now on, entrepreneurs from Zuid-Holland who have questions regarding automation and digitalisation may turn to SMITHZ (Smart Manufacturing: Industrial Application in Zuid-Holland). The Province is one of the initiators.

To establish SMITZH, the Province joins forces with MRDH, InnovationQuarter, TNO, the Municipality of The Hague and 8 field labs.

Answers for entrepreneurs

This results in an ambitious but at the same time accessible programme, a hyper-modern form of the blacksmith’s shop of the old days. Here, entrepreneurs can ask all their questions on automation, digitalisation of production, and supply-chain integration. They will receive a fast and targeted answer, among other things because of the cooperation with the field labs in which all technologies are represented: 3D-printing and IoT (RAMLab), welding robots (Sustainability Factory Dordrecht), robotization and artificial intelligence (RoboHouse, CADC in formation), Big Data (Big Data Innovation Hub), sensor system (Dutch Optics Centre), digital production (Digital Factory for Composites) and AR/VR (Dutch Growth Factory).

Strong region and competing at global level

The programme will also focus on awareness of Smart Industry, strategy building, internationalisation, and development of business cases. Projects will be started as well, in the field of inclusive technology; technology that makes difficult tasks easier to perform. That is important, because certain innovative industries lack qualified staff. By participating in SMITZH, the Province intends to support the SMEs in an innovative way, so that in turn, they may contribute to a strong region, able to compete at global level.