Province supports seaweed farming on wind parks

The Province of Zuid-Holland will contribute to a study of the economic opportunities of seaweed farming on wind parks at sea. Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra announced this during the international seaweed conference Seagriculture in Scheveningen.

Farming seaweed offers opportunities. Seaweed can be used as food, fodder or for bio-based applications. The growing demand for sustainable food production combined with the roll-out of wind energy at sea - opportunities abound to experiment with seaweed farming. Next year, the North Sea Farm Foundation, the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Rabobank Region The Hague and Rederij Van der Zwan & Zn, are starting a study: between wind turbines, two 1,000 metre long seaweed lines will be placed.

Circular economy

The Province of Zuid-Holland contributes more than 80,000 euro to the Knowledge and Innovation Network Seaweed. This network's ambition is to belong to the European top in offshore seaweed, to apply new knowledge on seaweed and an innovative use of wind parks at sea. The Province does not only invest because of the economic opportunities this offers, but also because farming at sea can contribute to the circular economy, clean energy, and food. Seaweed does not take up any precious agricultural land or fresh water, and during the cultivation, only surface water is being used.