€ 15 million for innovative experiments in sustainable farming

On 29 June 2016 the Provincial Executive proposal to allocate € 15 million for a change approach with field experiments in sustainable agriculture won Provincial Council approval. The aim is to achieve a fundamental change in the farming and food chain through sustainable innovations.

Regional Minister Han Weber: "We are highly ambitious, as are our network partners. Partnership is propelling these ambitions a step higher. We therefore call on initiators to develop meaningful field experiments and to share these with the Duurzame Landbouw innovation network."

A field experiment plot is a place where leaders in the farming and food chain can try out new working methods in open partnership.

Go-ahead for innovative field experiments

The approval of the Provincial Council means the core team of sustainable agriculture innovation network IADL (InnovatieAgenda Duurzame Landbouw) can now start developing field experiment plots. That will make it possible to apply for financial support under the POP3 (PlattelandsOntwikkelingsProgramma) European subsidy programme from this autumn through the various invitations to tender. These will be announced separately.

Not every initiative that improves biodiversity, soil or crops is a potential candidate for field experiments. Hans Koot, head of the IADL core team: “We are keen to stimulate real change. The current system is untenable. It exhausts the soil, biodiversity and farmers. That is why we are seeking field experiments that will give us a powerful leap forward.”

The Provincial Council has chosen to invest in field experiments that contribute to:

  • establishing commodity recycling
  • strengthening regional food chains
  • developing new revenue models for biodiversity
  • strengthening the agri sector as an economic cluster

Mutual nourishment in innovation network

The Zuid-Hollandse Voedselfamilies platform has been established together with a programme to facilitate the development and exchange of knowledge. Participants in the platform include some 30.