Province: all new-builds in Zuid-Holland energy-neutral

The Province of Zuid-Holland wants all new build - from housing to offices and glasshouses - to be energy-neutral and fossil-free. The Provincial Executive has recorded this in the design of the update of the Vision on Space and Mobility.

The change means that new construction plans that, for instance, still include gas lines, would have to be revised. There are certain requirements regarding electricity as well; the buildings are to be completely self-reliant. In case of housing, the Provincial Executive want all homes in the region, including the existing stock, to be energy-neutral and fossil-free in 2035. For each location, the best solution will have to be found. There are various ways, such as a (local) heat grid, heat pumps or solar boilers. The Province will enter into a dialogue on this issue with the municipalities.

Building in the cities

The updated Vision on Space and Mobility pays special attention to the quality of housing, in particular to the right house in the right place. Densifying, restructuring and transforming offices and shops in the vicinity of high-quality public transport, for instance, are important measures for the Province. The Province of Zuid-Holland calls it ‘smart use of space’: making better use of existing space. Simultaneously, this will help improve the existing build environment. The Province also promotes building in cities and villages, among other things by prioritising plans in those areas.

Provincial ladder disappears

A further change is that in future, the Province will use the National Ladder containing rules for the efficient use of space and will delete its own provincial 'Ladder for sustainable urbanisation’. The provincial ladder has been used in addition to the National Ladder since 2014. It focused on certain parts of the National Ladder that directly affect the situation in Zuid-Holland. After the amendment of the National Ladder in July 2017, during which the ladder was simplified, the Province no longer considers a 'Zuid-Holland version’ necessary. The National Ladder provides an adequate framework. For the time being, the Province still has the means to interfere or ask for further explanation regarding the proposed plans. Letting go of the Provincial Ladder offers municipalities more clarity; they only need to take one ladder into account now.