€7 million extra to modernise greenhouse horticulture Westland

The Province of Zuid-Holland and the municipality of Westland will jointly reserve €7,05 million for the reconstruction and modernisation of the Westlands greenhouse horticulture. The Province will take €3,8 million for its account and the municipality Westland €3.25 million.

Subsidy for the demolition of housing

As of 1 February 2018, home owners in the greenhouse horticulture area may apply for a subsidy to demolish their house and in doing so, support the modernisation of the greenhouse horticulture. The applicant of financial support has to cooperate (by sale of the land) with a greenhouse horticultural business that wishes to expand onto the applicant's land.

Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra: "The greenhouse horticulture is one of the top industries in Zuid-Holland. A surplus of obstacles now prevent the entrepreneurs from modernising, but thanks to this provincial subsidy, any obstructing objects can be bought in consultation with the owner. We focus on those areas, that offer opportunities for an energy transition.”.

Alderman Theo Duijvestein: “Zuid-Holland and Westland want to maintain and strengthen the Dutch horticulture's competitive position. That requires an increase in scale and modernisation of the greenhouse horticulture. Province and municipality have therefore started collaborating with the industry. This arrangement contributes to the improvement of the business climate in Westland, by offering room for new initiatives in modern and sustainable horticulture.”


In all, the Westland horticultural area contains around 4,000 business and private premises. That is 9% of the total number of homes in the municipality. About 700 homes in Westland obstruct the modernisation of the horticulture. A further 500 homes, or thereabouts, may form an obstruction as well, as shown by the 'Westland Work Book: modernising and seizing opportunities’ of the HOT Coalition, in which among other the province and the municipality cooperate. On average, each 2.2 hectare of production area contains 1 obstructing property. In the next 4 years, the municipality and the province intend to use this arrangement to contribute to approximately 200 hectare of production area, which equals the demolition of about 90 homes.