Blue Wave for smart vessels on the river Gouwe

A ‘Blue Wave’ for inland shipping vessels. A large number of partners in the river Gouwe area, such as shippers and transhippers, are already very excited about this. The project was presented during the Smart Shipping Challenge 2017.

The Blue Wave Connection is one of the innovative Zuid-Holland projects presented during a work session of the provincial programme Goods Transport by Water. Other subjects that came up were, for instance, the efficient use of regional shipping routes, pilots on CO2 reduction, and air quality, energy generation and biodiversity.

Blue Wave Connection

The Blue Wave Connection is a national collaboration of provinces, municipalities, the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management, and partners in logistics. Smart use of the available data and telecommunication systems can predict the shipping times and ETA of inland shipping vessels to the last minute. That is very useful for shippers, but also for motorists who know when the bridge will be open - for instance via their navigation system or app. The Blue Wave will also assist shippers and port authorities in making optimal use of the available moorings. These aspects have already been introduced on the river Gouwe, allowing this shipping route to function increasingly as a real corridor. The next step is to clarify CO2-footprints of bridge, shipping route and vessel, using real-time data, on land as well as on board. As a result, the province contributes to making the entire corridor climate-neutral.

Inland shipping

The Province of Zuid-Holland wants to maintain and strengthen its position as inland shipping province and its economic added value as logistics hotspot. Transport by water is an indispensable modality in that respect. With its Inland Shipping programme, the province intends to contribute to the elimination of obstacles, to bring parties together and to support market initiatives.

Smart Shipping Challenge

The Smart Shipping Challenge is an initiative of the Directorate-General for Public Works and Water Management (RWS). On 30 November 2017, technology businesses, shipping companies, knowledge institutions and local authorities met in Rotterdam to show which smart technologies in shipping are already available. Smart use of technology in shipping will make is safer and more sustainable, and makes The Netherlands more accessible. This makes shipping a good alternative for road and rail transport and will contribute to a better competitive position for The Netherlands.