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The Security Delta is a relatively young and promising business cluster in the field of national and international security, peace and justice. Its epicentre is in The Hague, the traditional location for international conferences that seek to make the world a safer and more just place. The iconic symbol of this is the Peace Palace, a gift from Andrew Carnegie in 1913. Over the years, many international public administrative and legal institutions, such as the Yugoslav Tribunal and Europol, as well as security, insurance and law firms have found locations here.

The Hague Security Delta

The Hague Security Delta (HSD) offers a network and campus for existing businesses and start-ups in the security sector. The HSD Campus is dedicated to developing products, services and knowledge for a safer world.

The security cluster in the The Hague region has a revenue of 1.9 billion euros (in 2014). At present, over 13,000 people are employed in the sector. In addition, the security cluster has made several successful crossovers, for instance with the mainport and the greenport. A safe and secure port is more crucial than ever. In addition, global demand for genuinely safe food is growing by the day.

Numerous businesses in the Security Delta are active in the field of cyber security. Leiden University contributes security expertise from a legal and administrative perspective, while Delft University of Technology supplies security technology, such as sensor technology. With these and other smart innovations, the Security Delta is seeking to protect the security of the international urbanised world.

Facts & Figures on Zuid-Holland's Security & Justice Cluster:

  • The Hague is the second UN city in the world.
  • The Hague Security Delta is the largest security cluster in Europe.
  • The delta has worldwide connections with other security clusters, such as the clusters in the United States, Canada, Singapore and South Africa.
  • The Hague provides a natural setting for international justice, arbitration and prestigious conferences such as the Nuclear Security Summit 2014, which brought 58 global leaders together in The Hague.