Zuid-Holland Province receives medical supplies from Hebei

南荷兰省支持区域内的商业公司和科研机构赴中国开展业务。 特别是与河北省建立了长期的友好省份关系,为我们两个省的发展创造了附加值。

当前新型冠状病毒疫情波及了每个个体。国际合作对抗击疫情显得至关重要。通过河北省红十字会,河北省向荷兰南荷兰省捐赠了5000枚外科手术口罩和500套防护服。经过荷兰国家物资协调联盟(Landelijk Consortium Hulpmiddelen)将确保这些医疗物资会被发放给最急需的组织和机构。

Zuid-Holland Province supports regional companies and knowledge institutions in doing business in China. Especially with Hebei province we have a long-standing sister relationship that creates added value for both our regions.

The current Corona pandemic affects everyone. International cooperation is essential in the fight against the virus. Hebei province has donated 5,000 surgical masks and 500 protective suits to the province of Zuid-Holland through the Hebei Red Cross. The National Consortium for Resources (Landelijk Consortium Hulpmiddelen) ensures that the donated materials are distributed to the organizations where they offer the most added value.