Visit of Hebei Vice-governor Delegation to Zuid-Holland

Visit of Hebei 18.10

10月18日下午,南荷兰省副省长Adri Bom-Lemstra女士及欧盟事务局局长Jean-Christophe Spapens 先生在世界园艺中心接待了河北省副省长时清霜先生带领的代表团。双方就“河北省农业产业推介会暨南荷兰省访问河北准备会”这一主题进行了富有成效的讨论交流。

In the afternoon of 18 October, Ms Adri Bom-Lemstra, Vice-governor of Province of Zuid-Holland and Mr Jean-Christophe Spapens, Head of the Unit European and International affairs, received Mr. Shi, Vice-governor of Hebei and his delegation at the World Horti Center.

Mr Spapens opened the meeting by welcoming the Chinese delegation and Ms Adri Bom - Lemstra gave a speech in which she praised the collaboration between the Province of Zuid-Holland and Hebei. In the past years we have seen that the Sino-Dutch horticultural cooperation is customizing the Dutch greenhouse technology for Chinese conditions and local customs. Two models are integrated. On top of that there are many cooperation projects between both provinces and entrepreneurs in high-tech greenhouse establishment, as well as projects for optimizing the Chinese-style solar Greenhouse. Ms Adri emphasized she was proud of the long-term relationship with Hebei. During the speech from Mr. Shi, he said the Dutch horticultural technology impressed him a lot and he believes there will be more collaborations. Afterwards, Mr. Zhang Guosheng, counsellor from the Chinese Embassy, also gave a keynote speech and he is also looking forward to future cooperation between two provinces.

Xiaoling Sun of InnovationQuarter, gave an introduction about the organisation and explained what services IQ can offer for Chinese and Dutch clients.

Gert Dral from Dutch Greenhouse Delta, gave an example about how did the previous project, Jiashan Greenport Sino-Dutch AgriTech Co,Ltd operated in China.

Wei Lihua from Junlibao Diary Group, introduced the general situation about the dairy industry in China and he emphasized the importance of business cooperation which will bring mutual benefits to both sides.

Ms. Zhao Yuqi from Hebei Qimei Agriculture Science and Technology highlighted the development of agriculture in China and also introduced that organic agri-food is more and more important for public.

During the conference, the two provinces praised the mutual beneficial relationship and both are looking forward to continuing to deepen the friendship relationships.