Visit Chinese delegations to Zuid-Holland

10月22日,云南省农业厅和辽宁省农业厅的代表团访问了南荷兰省,并就番茄种植,绿色港口,大都市食品供应等话题进行了建设性的交谈。在河北省水务局的年度访问期间,代表团就在Deltares和Arcadis正在进行的项目进行了讨论,并与瓦赫宁根大学环境分部探讨了潜在的商业协作机会。11月22日, Lentiz教育集团为来自中国海南省的25名政府官员组织了为期两个月的治理培训课程。

In October, both Yunnan Provincial Agriculture Department and Liaoning Provincial Agriculture Department paid visits to Zuid-Holland. Yunnan Agriculture Department has established regular communication with the Province of Zuid-Holland. During this year’s annual visit, tomato grower RedStar had a constructive talk with the delegation.

A delegation from Liaoning, recommended by NBSO Dalian, visited Province of Zuid-Holland on October 22nd. Mr. Jelmer Olsman, Senior Policy Advisor Greenport at Province of Zuid-Holland gave a general presentation about the regional horticultural sector, and the Dutch concept of Greenports and feeding the megacity.

Within the framework of the Province of Zuid-Holland and Hebei Province, Hebei Agriculture Department, Hebei Water Department, and Zhangjiakou Municipality visited the Netherlands recently. One of the main tasks of the visit of Zhangjiakou Municipality in September was to coordinate the business dispute between Aviko and her local business partner SnowValley. Together with Zhangjiakou Government, Province of Zuid-Holland and the Dutch Embassy in Beijing provided governmental support to this case.

During the annual visit of the Hebei Water Department, current ongoing projects with Deltares and Arcadis were discussed, as well as next year’s working plan with Province of Zuid-Holland. During the visit, a new potential business lead was being discussed between Hebei Water Institute and Environmental Division of Wageningen UR.

In the afternoon of 22nd October, Mr. Wiebe Brandsma, director of Economic and Social affairs, received the annual visit of Hebei Agriculture Department, lead by the Deputy Director-general Mr. Ma Limin. Via the Agriculture MOU that the two provinces signed last year June, Province of Zuid-Holland would like to see more business projects. Both sides agreed to study the MOU article by article, in order to find more potential leads.

Lentiz Education Group organized a two-month training course about governance for 25 governmental officials from Chinese Hainan Province. In the afternoon of 22 November, Mr. Tiemen Brill, Party leader of the VVD in Zuid-Holland Province and Mr. J.C. Spapens, Head of the EU-International Affairs Bureau, received this delegation, and explained the general facts of Zuid-Holland, the role of a provincial government in the Netherlands, the function of the provincial parliament, and the challenges the provincial government is facing to the delegation.

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