Visit of Chinese Linyi Delegation to Zuid-Holland

7月22日上午,南荷兰省经济与社会部部长 Wiebe Brandsma和绿港(Greenport)高级政策顾问Etwin Grootscholten在海牙接待了由山东省临沂市副市长任刚带领的代表团。南荷兰地区的园艺公司与临沂的合作伙伴进行了成功的商业交流。这次访问是中方对荷方3月份访问中国的回访。临沂市政府希望与南荷兰省在园艺领域建立政府关系,并就种植者培训签署了谅解备忘录

In the morning of 22 July, Mr. Wiebe Brandsma, Head of Department of Economy and Society at Province of South Holland, and Mr. Etwin Grootscholten, Senior Policy Advisor Greenport received Mr. Ren Gang, Vice mayor of Linyi City at Shandong Province and his delegation in the provincial building in The Hague.

Linyi is one of the major cities in Shandong, in the term of agri- horticultural sector, they are a big supplier to the vegetable market in Shanghai. A few Dutch agri-horticultural companies in Zuid-Holland region have successful business exchanges with local partners in Linyi. Accompanied by NBSO Office in Jinan, a working delegation from Province of Zuid-Holland visited there last March. This visit to the Netherlands, is a return visit from the Chinese side.

The City Government of Linyi sees the value of the horticulture sector; therefore they would like to establish a governmental relation with foreign governments who are experienced in the horticulture sector. During the meeting, Mr. Brandsma introduced the key facts of the horticultural sector in Zuid-Holland and the concept of Greenport 3.0.

During the stay in the Netherlands, the delegation also paid site visits to World Horti Center and TomatoWorld. Ken Yuan Agriculture, a Chinese company in the delegation signed a MOU with A3 Technology at Westland about professional training for local growers.

Linyi delegation