Beijing Yanqing District Government visits the Netherlands

11月5 - 7 日,北京延庆区代表团访问南荷兰省。 延庆区位于北京市北部,紧邻河北省张家口市,是2019年北京世界园艺博览会和2022年的冬季奥运会的主会场。

From 5 to 7 November, a governmental delegation from Yanqing District in Beijing paid a visit to Zuid-Holland. Yanqing is a district in the north of Beijing, neighboring Zhangjiakou City in Hebei province. The HortiEXPO 2019 (April 2019) and the Winter Olympic 2022 will be organized in this area.The major reason for this delegation to visit the Netherlands was to promote the HortiEXPO 2019. The head of the delegation, Deputy District-mayor Mr. Wu Shijiang, who is responsible for the HortiEXPO affairs, gave a presentation to the Dutch audience during the agro-food workshop at the 2017 China Business Week. Several Dutch companies are coordinating with the Beijing EXPO Bureau and the District Government of Yanqing about their participation. Since agri-horticulture is one of the top sectors of Province of Zuid-Holland in China, the provincial government will continue to provide necessary support. During their stay in the Netherlands, the delegation also visited Delphy (Dutch-Sino Solar Greenhouse Demonstration Project) and Anthura Group in Bleiswijk.