Report visit Zuid-Holland to Boao Forum for Asia


由南荷兰省国王专员Jaap Smit (雅普斯密特先生),战略顾问Leo Zegwaard先生以及荷中商务促进公司合伙人秦子潇先生组成的小型代表团出席了博鳌亚洲论坛。




A small delegation from Zuid-Holland, consisting of King’s Commissioner Jaap Smit, strategic advisor Leo Zegwaard and Shaw Qin, director of Dutch Sino Business Promotions, attended the Boao Forum for Asia.

On April 9th, mr. Smit had a Courtesy call with Hebei Governor Xu Qin and several other leaders from Hebei: the new vice-governor Mrs. Xia Yanjun, the Secretary-general of the Provincial Government, the Director-general of RDC (Reform and Development Committee), the Director-general of Commerce Department, and the Director-general of FAO Mr. Liu Xiaojun.

During the meeting, mr. Smit told mr. Xu that, based on the experiences and expertise, Dutch companies can offer assistance in the fields of water / sustainable development and agri-horticulture. And he handed over a proposition paper in Chinese to Xu Qin. This paper and the willingness of Zuid-Holland Province to help with the further development of Xiongan was well received by Xu Qin and his colleagues, even though the master plan of Xiongan is not ready yet.

Xu Qin promised that he would help make the connection between Zuid-Holland Province and the Government of Xiongan for further discussions. He welcomed Province of Zuid-Holland, as the Guest Province with Honor at the Langfang Trade Fair in May, to bring a delegation with companies to Hebei to join the fair, as well as to discuss further about the developments in Xiongan.

Furthermore, Xu Qin specifically mentioned a desire to cooperate in the field of winter sports, for instance, medical treatment of winter-sports injuries, management of skiing slopes, facilities and training programs. Zuid-Holland will discuss further about the specific requests and cooperation possibilities in the coming period.

On the 10th of April, mr. Smit joined the opening event of the BFA as a member of the Dutch National Delegation. In the event, President Xi declared that China will keep the reform and open-up policy, and open its door further to international business. Apart from Xi, among other international leaders, the speeches of Rutte and the Prime Minister Singapore got the most attention. Rutte mentioned the potential of Port of Rotterdam, as the gateway for Asian countries to the EU market.

Afterwards, mr. Smit had a second meeting with Xu Qin, this time with prime-minister Mark Rutte. The meeting was short, but very constructive. Rutte expressed his support to the PZH-Hebei Friendship relation. He said that he would like to be updated about the progress and achievements of the PZH-Hebei relation in the future.

After the courtesy call, mr. Smit joined the TV Program “Chinese Urbanization” with four other Chinese / international politicians, businessmen and researchers. Mr. Smit promoted the Dutch way / concept of feeding the mega city (relation between rural area and city), and urban planning of the smart city. He mentioned the relation between Hebei and Zuid-Holland, and promoted to the national audiences that a group of Dutch urban companies and knowledge institutes have excellent experiences and skills to participate in the urbanization plans in Xiongan as well as in the rest of China. Furthermore, he stressed the importance of open, green and rural areas in nearby cities. A livable city integrates the feeding and greening aspect into the city planning.

On the last day of the visit to China, the Zuid-Holland delegation travelled to Guangzhou for a meeting with a director of the Vanke Group. Vanke is a project developer that has started a project to renovate and redevelop the historic city center of Guangzhou instead of tearing down the old buildings and build brand new skyscrapers, as is common practice in China. Vanke is interested in the expertise of the Netherlands in redeveloping old cities and buildings.

In the evening, the delegation joined the Sino-Dutch Trade Dinner that was organized for the visit of Mark Rutte and 4 ministers to China. Over 400 guests participated in the dinner.