Zuid-Holland launches Chinese-English website

Launch China website in China

该网站 www.pzh-china.com 提供了从南荷兰省与河北省建立友好省州9年以来,中国当局,企业和科研机构的各个领域的信息。国王专员雅普-斯密特,同时也是访问中国代表团团长说道:“通过这个网站,我们有了一个加强与河北,上海浦东或者更多地区信息沟通渠道.”



The King's Commissioner Jaap Smit and Regional Minister Adri Bom-Lemstra, both on a trade mission in Hebei and Shanghai Pudong, effected the 'launch’ after a formal meeting with the provincial government of Hebei in the capital Shijiazhuang.

The website, www.pzh-china.com, provides information to Chinese authorities, companies and knowledge institutions on the various areas in which Zuid-Holland and Hebei have joined forces for the past nine years. The King's Commissionar Jaap Smit, also head of the delegation in China: "With this website, we are introducing a new means of communication to strengthen the cooperation with Hebei and Shanghai Pudong even more."

Hebei is a province around Beijing in the northern region of China, with 75 million inhabitants, with which Zuid-Holland has had an official cooperation since 2007. A year later, Shanghai Pudong, the innovative urban part of Shanghai with 6 million inhabitants, followed suit. Last Sunday, under the direction of Jaap Smit and Adri Bom-Lemstra, a trade mission started, comprising representatives of 25 companies and knowledge institutions, as well as alderman Arne Weverling of the Westland municipality.

The mission focuses on exchanging knowledge and securing orders for Zuid-Holland companies in the field of Greenport technology, sustainable urban development, water management and soil remediation. These are sectors in which Zuid-Holland companies have a strong tradition