Province of Zuid Holland activily involved in Hebei - Xiong’an new area






The geostrategic location of Xiongan New Area

Located about 100 kilometers south-west of central Beijing, Xiongan New Area covers three counties of Hebei Province (Xiongxian, Rongcheng and Anxin), and is home to Baiyangdian, one of the largest freshwater wetlands in North China.

Comparable to the Shenzhen and Shanghai Pudong special economic zones, the New Area is expected to boost the economic development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei (Jing-Jin-Ji) region, and accommodate Beijing’s non-governmental organizations, state-owned companies, relocated urban population, and other financial and public institutions. It is not only set up to curb urban sprawl and bridge growth disparities between North and South China. But, in line with the 13th Five Year Plan, the New Area is also established and planned to broaden China’s institutional reform and promote the idea of environmentally friendly green cities.

Xiongan New Area’s master plan

The master plan, approved by the central government and released by the Hebei provincial government in April 2018, has focused on themes such as regional integration, green and smart city, innovation-driven industry, and scenic ecological environment. Xiongan New Area will not only integrate the development of Beijing and Tianjin, as well as Shijiangzhuang and Baoding, but also coordinate economic growth, technological innovation, finance and human resources. Opening wider to the outside world and becoming a new platform for foreign cooperation will also be the task of Xiongan as one of China’s three economic engines. Xiongan’s ambition is to become the leading digital city with modern industrial systems and intelligent infrastructure.

In terms of environment preservation and ecological development, the master plan has paid a great deal of attention to becoming a world-class green, small, and modern city. For example, the plan mentioned wastewater and garbage disposal systems have to be built up in the beginning, and supply of 100 percent clean electricity has to be realized by introducing renewable energies to the New Area. The treatment and protection of Baiyangdian Lake is the priority of Xiongan in the short-term planning. Most land in Xiong’an is farmland, therefore for the coming period, knowledge related to specific topics such as urban planning and sponge city will be needed. In the longer term, the mid-arid Xiong’an will need to develop their agri-horticulture sector as well, in order to provide safe and healthy food to its citizen. All in all, this new special zone creates opportunities for Dutch expertise in order to establish sustainable economic growth.

Province of Zuid Holland as a sister province of Hebei is actively involved with the future development of Xiong’an new area by providing expertise in urban strategic planning in terms of food, water and energy nexus. From 12 May to 19 May the Province of Zuid Holland will lead a delegation consisting of company representatives in the field of sustainable development and horti-agriculture to Xiongan new area as part of their China Mission. It is an extraordinary opportunity for the delegation from Province of Zuid Holland because this will be the first group of international officials to visit this newly established area. The delegation is looking forward to be further engaged with the latest development in Xiongan.

Please visit our website for more information about the Memorandum of Understanding between the Province of Zuid-Holland and Hebei Province.