Province of Zuid-Holland launches a new Chinese website

Chinese website www.PZH-China在过去十年中,通过与河北省、上海浦东新区以及中国其他地区建立良好的政府间关系,南荷兰省帮助几十家荷兰企业在中国开展业务。





In the past ten years, the Province of Zuid-Holland has assisted dozens of Dutch companies to operate their business in China via her excellent governmental relation with Hebei Province, Shanghai Pudong New Area, as well as other counterparts in China.

Simultaneously, more and more Chinese investors nowadays select the Netherlands and Zuid-Holland as their gateway to the European market. Therefore, in order to provide a better governmental service to business exchanges between the regional companies and Chinese enterprises, the Province of Zuid-Holland decided to create her own official Chinese website.

During the governmental talk between the Province of Zuid-Holland and Hebei Province in Shijiazhuang, this website was launched together by the King’s Commissioner Jaap Smit, Vice-governor Adri Bom-Lemstra and the Vice-governor of Hebei Mr. Wang Xiaodong.

The EU-International Affairs Bureau of the Province of Zuid-Holland and Dutch Sino Business Promotions will conduct the daily maintenance of this website. Through this official website, the Province of Zuid-Holland will announce and update her China activities to the public, as well as to introduce cooperation topics between Zuid-Holland and China.

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