Province celebrates 10-year cooperation with Hebei Province

国王专员雅普斯密特先生和副省长安德瑞女士 和 副省长包珍妮女士 在不同场合中多次提到南荷兰省与中国长期建立良好合作的重要性。与河北省的合作在过去的几年当中皆体现在多个计划和项目中,南荷兰参与的企业和研究单位都能够从中获益。

King's Commissioner Jaap Smit and regional ministers Adri Bom-Lemstra and Jeannette Baljeu spoke at various occasions on the importance that Zuid-Holland attaches to a good cooperation with China. The cooperation with the Hebei Province -with 80 million inhabitants- has led to various programmes and projects over the last few years, of which businesses and knowledge institutions in Zuid-Holland were able to take advantage. In addition, on Sunday evening, 2 agreements were signed at the Embassy of China: one for a ‘sponge-city’-project by Arcadis and the Chinese company Runheng, and another for a water monitoring project in the so-called Taolinkou reservoir by Deltares and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Affairs in the Hebei Province.


On Monday 19 September, King's Commissioner Smit opened a major conference on the Chinese and Dutch co-operation in The Hague, where not only representatives of Hebei were present, but also 30 other Chinese delegations with which other authorities in The Netherlands have sustainable cooperative relationships. Many of Zuid-Holland's companies and municipalities played an active role during the conference on themes such as agriculture and horticulture, sustainable urban development, and the Chinese 'one belt one road' strategy. The conference was organised by the Netherlands China Association. On Monday evening, regional minister Baljeu addressed the various Chinese delegations and Dutch authorities and companies during an official dinner in The Hague.


On Tuesday, regional minister Adri Bom-Lemstra met with representatives of the Hebei Parliament. The day before, Members of the Hebei Parliament had spoken with a delegation of Members of the Provincial Council of Zuid-Holland under the leadership of regional minister Tiemen Bril. Bom-Lemstra explained what had already been realised by the cooperation in the field of Greenports. For example, the growing number of projects in Zuid-Holland for horticultural holdings, or the demo greenhouse in Bleiswijk, where the Chinese situation is simulated and research is done to improve the cultivation methods in Hebei.

Photo exhibition

In the presence of former regional minister Lenie Dwarshuis, the Vice-President of the Hebei Parliament and Adri Bom-Lemstra opened a photo exhibition on the Provincial Government Building, with more than 100 photos about the 10-year cooperation with the Province. Bom-Lemstra indicated that the Province of Zuid-Holland is looking forward to the next decade of cooperation, “and if possible, even longer.”

Hebei 14.09.2017 at PZH

In the afternoon, the Provincial Parliament of Zuid-Holland welcomed the delegation at the Provincial Hall. Eight provincial parliament members, lead by Mr. Tiemen Brill, from the People's Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD), the Reformed Political Party (SGP), Democrats 66 (D66), 50 Plus, and the Party for Freedom (PVV) had a discussion with their Hebei counterparts about water management, integrated urban solution, and agri-horticulture, from the perspective of legislation and policy making

On Tuesday afternoon, the Chinese delegation carried out several working visits in Zuid-Holland, among other to the Greenport in Lansingerland and the Port of Rotterdam.