Oromia State, Ethiopian delegation visit to Province of Zuid-Holland

来自埃塞俄比亚世界闻名的咖啡产地 - 奥罗米亚(Oromia)省的访问团在荷培训期间拜访了南荷兰省政府,了解我省在治理、策略和建立国际关系上的宝贵经验。

来自埃塞俄比亚世界闻名的咖啡产地 - 奥罗米亚(Oromia)省的访问团在荷培训期间拜访了南荷兰省政府,了解我省在治理、策略和建立国际关系上的宝贵经验。该访问团由设立于海牙的 Clingendaal研究院的介绍,他们在该研究院进行为其2周的外交与治理策略培训。南荷兰省中国事务处经理薄芙蓉女士 (Floriske Deutman) 负责接待并分享了南荷兰省在中国事务上的成功经验和策略,也和代表团就讨论的内容进行了问答的时间。

On Wednesday Feb 07, a delegation from Oromia State of Ethiopia, which is famous for its coffee bean production, visited the Province of Zuid-Holland to learn more about the governance and strategy for building international relationships, especially the relationship with China.

The delegation was introduced by the Clingendael Institute, where they had a two-week training focusing on governance topics in the Hague.

The China service desk of the province was asked to receive the delegation and give an overview of the organisation, roles and responsibilities and the successful China sister relationship of the province in the past years.

The manager of the China service desk Floriske Deutman prepared a presentation for the delegation followed up by an interactive Q&A session.

In the Q&A session, representatives from the delegation raised a number of questions to exchange ideas. The delegation is highly interested about the success sister-relationship with Hebei province, hence the China service desk provided several examples and necessary steps that were taken in order to achieve such results. Another request raised from the Ethiopian delegation was about inquiring the possibilities to organize capacity training in the field of environmental regulatory affairs. As Oromia state has a strong focus in agriculture and horticulture sector, there are also major pollution problems resulting from the discharge into fresh water reservoirs, which has been a threat to local aquatic livelihood. The delegation is looking forward to establish friendly and beneficial relationships with the province to help advance their capacity in legislation and enforcement/ compliance in areas such as environmental protection.

At the request of the Oromiya delegation, the China service desk will discus the possibilities to set a cooperation between Zuid-Holland and Oromiya with the International Affairs department.

Finally, at the end of the session, the delegation had a guided tour within the provincial government building.