Opening PZH Rotterdam Garden at Chongming Flower Expo

The Province of Zuid-Holland (PZH) and the Municipality of Rotterdam have built a pavilion at the China Flower EXPO 2021 in Shanghai, at the invitation of the Shanghai sub-municipality of Chongming because of the longstanding sister relationship between Shanghai and Rotterdam.

The China Flower Expo is the largest and most influential flower event in China. On May 21st, the 10th edition of the China Flower EXPO, themed "Blossom with the Chinese Dream", is officially opened. The Expo will last until July 2, 2021, and more than 3 million visitors are expected, mainly from China itself, but also from abroad. The organization expects government officials from all provinces, groups of companies (state-owned and private companies) and individual visitors. Some large companies also have their own company pavilion or garden at the Expo.

The PZH / Rotterdam Garden

PZH and Rotterdam have built a 500 m2 pavilion based on the design of Green Art International under the direction of designer Bert Dautzenberg with the title: Resilient City - Feeding & Greening Megacities. The pavilion focuses on themes such as climate adaptation, food security and safety, modern agriculture and horticulture, biodiversity and air quality, because these are also important themes and spearheads in the policy of PZH and of Rotterdam. A group of Dutch and Chinese students from Rotterdam secondary school the Wolfert Bilingual, together with its sister school in Shanghai, have jointly created various works of art from waste that are exhibited in the garden.

Chongming and its agricultural and horticultural sector

Chongming Island, at the mouth of the Yangtze River, is an important ecological conservation area for the Shanghai metropolitan area. As the backyard of Shanghai, it is also strategically important for the supply of fresh vegetables and flowers to the metropolis. Several Dutch agricultural and horticultural companies and knowledge institutions are already involved in projects in Chongming.

Program around the PZH / Rotterdam Garden

PZH and Rotterdam are organizing a (partly digital) program around the Flower Expo. In collaboration with the Shanghai Bright Food Group, one of the largest food companies in China, a seminar will be organized on June 24 entitled “Applied Horticulture Knowledge for a Flourishing City”. If you are interested, you can request more information about this via

Kings' Commissioner Jaap Smit speech Flower EXPO 21 mei 2021