Dutch-Sino Sistercity Conference

经过几个月的密集筹备工作,荷中友城大会 “荷兰 - 中国友好省州活动周” 顺利的在9月18日于海牙万豪酒店盛大开幕。中方22个代表团组与荷方18个代表团组一共近400人共襄盛举庆祝荷中外交关系45周年纪念,荷中友好协会与对外友协40周年纪念以及南荷兰省与河北省缔结姐妹省份10周年纪念。

After months of preparation and close coordination, on the 18th of September, the Dutch-Sino Sistercity Conference officially kicked-off at 9 o’clock at the Marriot Hotel in The Hague with 22 Chinese delegations, 18 Dutch delegations and in total nearly 400 participants coming together to celebrate the 45th anniversary of ambassadorial-level diplomatic relations between The Netherlands and China, the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Association Netherlands – China (VNC) and 10th anniversary of sister-province relationship between Province of Zuid-Holland and Hebei Province.

King’s Commissioner in Zuid-Holland Mr. Jaap Smit, together with the President of China-EU Association Madame Uyunqimg, Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Mrs. Joke Brandt, Chinese Ambassador H.E. Mr. Wu Ken, President of VNC Mr. Henk Kool, Vice-President of Chinese People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries (CPAFFC) Mr. Song Jingwu delivered the key-note speeches. Mr. Jaap Smit said that he believes the local governmental relationships between China and the Netherlands will be further strengthened through this conference, and he encouraged both sides to work together in order to resolve challenging global issues that the two countries both face today. The Province of Zuid-Holland believes the success of this conference will lead to a sustainable relationship with our Chinese counterparts and we will obtain a brighter future through our mutual effort.

reception Dutch Sino Chinese Embassy

In the evening of 17th September, a welcoming reception was hosted by H.E. Mr. Wu Ken, the Ambassador of China in the Netherlands, at the Chinese Embassy in The Hague, inviting both Chinese delegations and Dutch counterparts who participated in the Dutch-Sino Sistercity Conference. During the reception, the King’s Commissioner Mr. Jaap Smit together with the Ambassador H.E. Mr. Wu Ken and the President of the Association Netherlands – China (VNC), Mr. Henk Kool, delivered keynote speeches to welcome all the guests and to wish for a successful conference.

Mr. Jaap Smit mentioned that since he was appointed as the King’s Commissioner in Zuid-Holland in 2014, he has visited China three times, leading Dutch business & trade missions. He shared his conviction that cooperation between China and the Netherlands provides mutual benefits. It is also important that two countries jointly choose to use their knowledge and innovation force in addressing global challenges such as urbanization, climate change and feeding mega cities.