Cooperation Shanghai and Zuid-Holland companies

Signing MoU Shanghai Pudong





"Companies and knowledge institutions alike benefit greatly from the Cooperation, and as a province, we support that cooperation wholeheartedly", says Mr Smit.

The province and Pudong have worked together since 2004; this is the fourth cooperation agreement since then. The cooperation focuses on a number of themes, such as water management, agriculture and horticulture, the environment and food safety. Zuid-Holland companies and knowledge institutions that execute such activities and projects in Pudong were present at the signing, such as Deltares, Priva and INHolland.

In their speech, both Mr Smit and Mr Tang mentioned the importance of this cooperation, and looked back on the good results achieved in the past few years. In September, a trade delegation under the authority of the King's Commissioner will visit Pudong to further shape the cooperation with concrete projects.

Besides cooperating with Pudong, the province has cooperated with the Chinese Hebei province for years. There, too, it concerns a practical cooperation between companies and knowledge institutions. A new cooperation agreement with Hebei was signed on 6 May.