Chinese Sistercity conference in September 2017

荷中友好协会VNC 与南荷兰省政府、荷兰市政协会并在荷兰外交部的支持下将于2017年9月18 - 19日在荷兰海牙召开“荷兰 - 中国友好省州活动周” ,以庆祝荷中外交关系建立45周年以及南荷兰省与河北省缔结友好关系十周年纪念。为了能够邀请所有与中国缔结友好关系的荷兰城市和省份,大会已将问卷发送至各单位咨询主题方面的制定,参与意愿和时间。如需更多信息可以联系 荷中商务促进公司或点击此链接获得荷兰文的信息。

VNC, together with Zuid-Holland Province, VNG and supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will organize a conference on 18 and 19 September 2017 for all the Chinese sister relations of local governments in the Netherlands to celebrate 40 years anniversary of VNC, 45 years diplomatic relations between the Netherlands and China and 10 years anniversary of the official friendship relation between Zuid-Holland Province and Hebei Province. In order to involve all local Dutch governments, a survey was sent out to ask them about potential themes for the conference, their availability and willingness to cooperate. For more information contact Dutch Sino Business Promotions or visit the website of The VNC Conference.