Chinese New Year 2018 celebrations

来自南荷兰省的众多企业组织、地方政府、官方机构和科研组织在南荷兰省政府大楼共同庆祝中国新年 – 狗年。

来自南荷兰省的众多企业组织、地方政府、官方机构和科研组织在南荷兰省政府大楼共同庆祝中国新年 – 狗年。在庆祝活动中,南荷兰省与来宾分享了自1993年来与河北省的友好合作。透过此框架平台,南荷兰省可以有效的引入资金和商业契机投入到设施园艺产业中也同时推广城市发展和水资源管理的成功经验。

With dozens of guests from the business community, municipalities, ministries and knowledge institutions, the Chinese New Year - the Year of the Dog - was celebrated in the Zuid-Holland provincial government building.

During the meeting, the opportunities for businesses in the Chinese Hebei province - with which the province has maintained government-to-government relations since 1993- were discussed. By missions there and back, in which the business community and the knowledge institutions play an important part, the relations with the Chinese partners are strengthened. Zuid-Holland's overall aim is to promote investments and commerce in horticulture, urban development and water management.

“The developments in China offer the entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and Zuid-Holland many opportunities. By maintaining our Chinese relationships, we, the Province of Zuid-Holland, want to support our businesses and knowledge institutions in achieving their targets in China”, says Regional Minister Jeannette Baljeu.

Zuid-Holland guest of honour ‘Langfang Trade Fair’

The Governor of Hebei, Xu Qin, has invited Zuid-Holland to be the guest of honour during the Langfang Trade Fair in May this year. The annual Langfang Trade Fair, the largest international economic and trade fair of this region, is an initiative of the Ministry of Commerce and the government of the Hebei Province.

Zuid-Holland is willing to lead a delegation of businesses in the horticultural and urban development industries to explore and tap into the possibilities offered by the Chinese market. The Yanqing Area of Beijing (Horticultural Business District), a glass house project in Nanhe County, and the Taolinkou Reservoir involving Dutch businesses and knowledge institutions will be visited as well. Chinese projects such as the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative and the development of the XiongAn New Area in Hebei form the common thread in these activities. The development of XiongAn could offer the Dutch business community opportunities to play a role.