A successful mission of the Province of Zuid-Holland in China

China meeting代表团由南荷兰省省长雅普·斯密特先生和副省长安德瑞女士所率领,目的是加强南荷兰省与河北省、南荷兰省与上海浦东新区的政府间关系,促进荷兰企业针对中国和在中国开展经济活动,主要涉及领域包括园艺、环境保护、城市发展和水管理等。







From the 25th of September until the 1st of October, the Province of Zuid-Holland organized a successful trade mission to China, supported by the China Service Desk, Dutch Sino Business Promotions (DSBP) and InnovationQuarter.

The aim of the mission, led by King’s Commissioner mr. Jaap Smit and Vice-governor mrs. Adri Bom-Lemstra, was to strengthen the governmental relationships between the Province of Zuid-Holland and Hebei Province and Shanghai Pudong New Area, as well as to stimulate Dutch economic activity from and in China, mainly in the field of horticulture, environmental protection, urban development and water management.

During the period of the visit, Minister Schultz of the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment travelled to China as well. Through close coordination between the province and the ministry, the programs were adjusted to one another, which offered a broad choice for companies.   Some of the highlights of the mission include the company visits to Huawei Beijing Research Center and BCEG Environmental Remediation Co., Ltd. (BCEER), a network reception at the residence of the Dutch Ambassador, the governmental talks with the Government of Hebei and Shanghai Pudong, a horticulture roadshow to a Dutch style greenhouse project in Sanhe County, a horticulture seminar at the Hebei Agricultural University a visit to the city of Dezhou in Shandong Province, a visit to the Sunqiao Agricultural Park.

Mr. Jaap Smit had a valuable discussion with the governor of Hebei Mr. Zhang Qingwei and Vice-governors Mr. Wang Xiaoding and Mr. Zhang Jiehui. 2017 will be a significant year as we will mark the 10th anniversary of the establishment of the official friendship relation. In coordination with the Provincial Government of Hebei, the Province of Zuid-Holland will celebrate this anniversary during several events.

Also in the courtesy call with Shanghai Pudong, Mr. Jaap Smit and the Mayor Weng Zuliang reviewed the co-operation in recent years and they made plans for future co-operation. Nine agreements were signed during the mission, and many more business leads were generated. The majority of the participating companies were highly satisfied with the content and organization of the program.

The communication department of the Province published three videos about the trip, to view them please visit our website www.zuid-holland.nl.