Yunnan Agriculture Sector

云南省农业访问团在荷考察期间,5月29日下午于海牙市召开云南省农业推介会 - 荷兰专场。云南省的经济发展以农业为主力之一,该省出产的鲜花更占据了全国60%。此次推介会的代表团共有40名来自省级的官员和地方企业家为该省历年来最大的农业访问团。

Yunnan Province (which is located in the Southwest of China) is organizing a provincial level agricultural delegation to the Netherlands from 27 - 30 May at the invitation of Province of Zuid-Holland. A promotion meeting about the local agri- and horticulture sector will be hosted in The Hague in the afternoon of 29 May 2017.

Yunnan ’s economy has a strong agricultural focus. In particular, Yunnan is very competitive in the fruit and vegetable industries, edible mushrooms, coff ee, tea, and dairy products. The local Yunnan government is fully involved in the growing horticulture sector, creates the best conditions and supports development of the sector. The fl ower industry in Yunnan province started to develop towards the end of the 1980s.

Currently, Yunnan is the most important province Nationwide in the fi eld of fl ower production. Yunnan province accounts for around 60% of China ’s total cut fl ower production. Many Dutch horticultural companies have invested in fl ower related projects and businesses in this region.

This delegation consisting of 40 provincial policy makers and local entrepreneurs, is the largest ever outbound mission in the fi eld of agri-horticulture from Yunnan Province. Vice-governor Zhang Zulin, who is responsible for agriculture, will lead the delegation.

If you are interested in fi nding potential business opportunities in Yunnan, we are happy to send you more information or you can register directly for the promotion meeting and following matchmaking session. Participation and entry are free. If you would like more information or to register your visit, please send your request to Mr. Shaw Qin, by email: or by phone: +31 6 81 947 818.

Promotional Meeting

29 May Yunnan Agriculture