Agri-horticulture company CAU Futong


由总经理张天柱先生率领的北京中农富通公司考察团于三月12-17日访问荷兰。团组此行的目的是具体考察南荷兰省内先进设施园艺领域中的高端设备制造商。12日下午,南荷兰省副省长 Jeannette Baljeu 女士在省府大楼里接待了中农富通代表团。中农富通在河北南河的项目上与多家设立在南荷兰省内的企业合作,南荷兰省乐见两省在商业活动中由紧密的配合并适时地提供必要的协助。

A business delegation from CAU Futong Agriculture Co., Ltd in Beijing has paid a visit to the Netherlands from 12 to 17 March. High-tech agriculture company Futong is part of the Chinese Agricultural University (CAU), which focuses on the development of advanced greenhouse horticulture in China.

During their visit in the Netherlands, General Manager ZHANG Tianzhu and his team visited several Dutch suppliers, partners and potential co-workers such as Hoogendoorn, Ridder / Hortimax, Viscon Group, Codema, INHolland Hogeschool, Royal Brinkman, Anthura, NL Urban Solutions and Kroes.

In the afternoon of 12 March, Vice-governor Mrs. Jeannette Baljeu received the delegation at Provinciehuis Zuid-Holland. Mrs. Baljeu complimented the project CAU Futong is conducting at Nanhe County, Hebei Province, where a number of Dutch companies like RijkZwaan, Visser and Hoogendoorn are key suppliers of the project. Province of Zuid-Holland highly values this kind of business initiatives, and will continue to provide governmental support.