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During Corridor Week, 6-8 November 2018, symposiums and other events have been planned on multimodality, clean transport and cross-border cooperation on international TENT-Tcorridors. Our main goal for Corridor Week is to work with our partners in the Eurodelta region to contribute to a joint strategy for sustainable and multimodal corridors. We believe the way forward is to create one strong Eurodelta by working closely together along corridors. #1eurodelta. It is for this reason that the province of Zuid-Holland is organizing Corridor Week, in close cooperation with the network of the Flemish-Dutch Delta and the EGTC Rhine-Alpine. Corridor Week will serve as a platform in which policymakers, entrepreneurs and researchers from the Eurodelta will contribute to a working agenda in the run-up to a single, powerful Eurodelta network. Download the Corridor Week Programme (pdf, 1.5 MB).

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